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NeoElixir Inc.

(A company you can always trust for healthy life)


Smoothies, Juices, Tea & Drinks

We all live in hyper-driven world where our food choices have given way to modern day conveniences. However, health should not have to be compromised in your fast-paced lifestyle. We believe increasing access to raw, plant-based nutrition is a critical component to improve the health of our bodies. Our goal is to keep you informed about what you're consuming and how certain ingredients can impact your body. Here are what we do for you...


Made & Delivered Fresh Every Day / Organic Always Whenever Possible / Provide You A Way To Reset Your Digestive System & Detoxify Your Body

Magic Mix

Honey Hibiscus Tea

Honey Carrot Juice

Peanut Soup

Ingredients: Water, Beet, Tomato, Carrot, Citrus, Vegetables, Flower Seeds, Nuts, Honey, and Herbs.

Ingredients: Water, Hibiscus, and Honey.

Ingredients: Water, Carrot, and Honey.

Ingredients: Water, Peanut, and Cane Sugar.

Detoxification, Constipation, Anti-coagulant, Anemia, Cholesterol, Allergy, Anti-cancer, Anti-oxidant, Skin health, Heart health, Hair health, Lung health, Inflammation, Menstruation disorder, Acne, Eyesight/vision, Asthma, Cough, Digestion, Congestion, ... Cholesterol, Cough, Digestion



Eyes Health



Heart Health, Protein



16 FL OZ (Non-Member $8 / Member $5)

16 FL OZ (Non-Member $5 / Member $3)

16 FL OZ (Non-Member $5 / Member $3)

16 FL OZ (Non-Member $8 / Member $5)


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